What Marketers Need to Know in 2024


The new year is a time to start fresh, especially when it comes to marketing efforts. Here are some thoughts on what behaviors, approaches, attitudes, and practices should be maintained, ramped up or even reconsidered this year.


  • …wasting money on marketing that targets people who were going to buy from you anyways.
  • …thinking only about reach. Reach without attention is an empty and failed metric.
  • …looking for a one size fits all solution to marketing—people and brands are different.
  • …embrace nuance rather than partisan views. Seek opportunities to listen and learn.


  • …believing in AI as a way to tackle the mundane more efficiently and leave time for creativity.
  • …prioritizing attention. Failing to reach the attention of your audience is investment wasted.
  • …putting together bold, imaginative plans to both entertain and attract new customers.
  • …thinking about collaboration with the other organizational teams.


  • …measuring your marketing performance. Get the most out of every dollar that you spend.
  • …doing what works and executing to a very high standard.
  • …entertaining. Prioritize attention by putting your audience first and understanding what they want to see and hear.
  • …investing in understanding your consumer.

For more helpful marketing dos and don’ts, read here. (Marketing Week, 12.19.23)

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