That’s geek-speak for ‘years of carefully crafted data at your decision-making disposal.’

We practice a very disciplined methodology in our studies. How we word questions, how we position the data, and how we compare the size and scope of markets is all crafted so we can provide a bigger view of your industry challenges and opportunities.

This means we don’t just provide you data from the study we performed. Instead, we provide insight on your KPIs compared to performance around your industry. It’s the magic of that broader context that lets you be confident about your next step.


No one has gathered and studied data on your industry like we have; and we’re ready to put it to your use.

Ad Testing

How will customers react to our new campaign? What message and image combination motivates the best?

H2R Scout Report

Where exactly do our visitors come from? What are our best-performing markets? What are our busiest visitation days?

Brand Perception

What do people really think of our organization? Do we matter to them or are we off their radar? Who are we really competing against?

Marketing Performance Evaluation

Did our campaign create new visitors? What was the ROI? What markets performed best?

Choice Drivers

Why do people actually visit? What keeps them coming back? What should marketing focus on?

New Product Evaluation

Is our idea appealing to our most loyal customers? Will it inspire new visits?

Market Segmentation

How do I find more loyal customers? What message works best for each segment?

Barrier Research

Why do some people never consider us? How can we change their mind? What are the best ways to activate non-visitors?

Predictive Pricing

What is our optimal price point? Which price maximizes demand? Can we raise prices without losing customers?

Customer Satisfaction

How satisfied are our customers? Will they return, buy more, tell their friends about the experience?

Focus Groups

What are consumers’ initial reactions to our idea? How can we dig deeper into what they’re feeling?

Online Bulletin Boards

How can we get in-depth opinions on our product or idea?

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