Building Your Marketing Playbook

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Technology and trends are constantly changing, creating a lot of noise for marketers, and distracting them from the challenge at hand—creating a plan that reaches fast-moving consumers whose needs are constantly changing.

Marketers are facing a variety of problems today, two big ones being connectivity and ad tolerance. The pandemic, inflation, and economic stress have contributed to altered spending habits and influenced a drop in brand loyalty. Additionally, consumer attention spans have fallen to an all-time low, with declining tolerance for ads. Consumers are using ad blockers, paying to avoid ads, or simply not watching them.

Marketers need to answer two questions when building their playbook. First – Where are consumers spending their time? While research shows that consumers as a whole are spending more time on TikTok and are becoming increasingly more comfortable making purchases on social media platforms, data-driven consumer insights can help determine the right method and relevant funnel to deliver content. Second – How do we reach consumers? Recent studies show that half of marketing budgets are wasted. In a climate where every dollar counts, it’s important to create a mix of both known and new channels.

At the end of the day, marketers need to build a playbook on what already works, prioritizing the essentials in their “toolkit.” Then, when possible, start experimenting with emerging technologies, platforms, and trends. Explore tactics that align with brand goals and current customer preferences, leveraging tools to meet the new consumer behavior challenges. The resulting playbook will balance your traditional tactics with the most useful new technologies and most efficient new channels.

(AdAge, 06.28.23)

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