‘Micro-Cation’ Trend Emerging This Summer


With rising prices, more than half of Americans are planning to take smaller vacations. Allianz coined the term ‘micro-cation’ in 2019 and describes the trip as “a leisure trip at least 100 miles away from home that is four or less nights.” Allianz Vacation Confidence Index showed 53% of respondents plan to take a ‘micro-cation’ as their next vacation. Additionally, roughly one-quarter of respondents are planning multiple micro-vacations before the end of summer. Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz, says “Americans are planning quick getaways, and many are planning multiple trips to help satisfy their desire for travel.”

Some other key findings include:

  • Seven in ten Americans will travel away from home between now and September, and four in ten will plan multiple trips during that time.
  • Spend per night is down, with Americans spending an average of $606 for one night, $410 for two, and even less for three or four nights.
  • Travelers ages 18-34 (44%) and men (40%) are leading the multiple ‘micro-cation’ trend.

(Travel Pulse, 06.22.22)

Travelers will need to be pickier with their time as they plan shorter trips. What sets our attraction apart from the competition? Schedule a free consultation today or send us an email at info@h2rmarketresearch.com to learn more about our research options.

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