Americans Are Traveling, Not Spending


After nearly two years of travel restrictions, Americans are on the go again. However, recent data compiled by PlaceIQ shows that while Americans are still wanting to travel, price increases are motivating many to cut back on how much they spend. The data, consisting of mobile movement data and aggregate purchasing data sourced from millions of credit and debit cards, revealed changes in American spending behavior over the past year.

The data revealed that travel is back in full swing, with hotel visits and hotel spending both up (+4% and +13%, respectively), as well as spending at the pump (+25%). And while visits to places such as beauty, pet, electronic, clothing, pharmacy and grocery stores are up (+12%), spending to all are down (-4%). Additionally, home projects appear to be declining, with visits to home improvement and furniture stores both down (-12% and -2%, respectively), as well as spending (-25% and -27%, respectively).

“As brands look to navigate these shifting consumer forces, gleaning insights and making confident-business decisions from their data will help them stand out from the crowd,” said Dan Adams, SVP Data Strategy and Operations at Precisely. “Yes, spend is down, but visits are mostly up. People are indeed out there looking for ways to save while creating new experiences. It’s an opportune time for marketers to attract new customers by focusing on product pricing as a way to get people out of the house.”

(Travel Pulse, 06.09.22)

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