Customer Experience Has Changed in the Travel Industry

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The tourism industry has always been predominately physical. To keep up with the evolving digital world the past few years, the tourism industry has shifted a drastic amount. Most customers prefer to have a completely digital process when traveling in 2022. Before the pandemic, customers did not have a preference, they just wanted to be able to have simple access to their information. The tourism industry has had to shift to providing a digital experience at every stage since COVID-19.

In 2019, tourism peaked at $9.63 trillion. Interactions that were face-to-face were a huge factor in the purchasing of travel arrangements. There were no risks with booking or fear that the trip would be canceled. After COVID-19, more interactions than ever moved to the smartphone and self-service kiosks. The need for online cancellation policies became greater. In 2021, social media was the most used channel in marketing with websites following right behind. Many hotels and airlines have had to improve their online platforms because there was a heavier online presence. Today, customers expect to be able to book through messaging apps which requires brands to be available all the time with direct communication access.

So, we ask what has changed since the pandemic? Clients are now more likely to connect with guests over the internet than ever before. Seventy-five percent of executives say they are going to invest more in hybrid experience in the next year. With customers ready to get on the purchasing ladder again, brands need to get their guests to post about them and share content quickly. Brands must step up re-engagement; if you retain the bond online those select people will be your biggest digital promoters. Although the future is digital, there are still cravings for human interactions, so businesses must adapt.

(Travel Pulse 10.12.22)

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