Electronic Bag Tags Tested To Ease Airport Chaos

bag tag

Airports are experiencing a lot of chaos due to flight delays, staffing shortages, and long wait times. In attempts to speed up the check-in process, Alaska Airlines will start allowing customers to attach electronic tags to their bags. The tags will be activated 24 hours before departure using the Alaska Airlines app, and the process will involve touching the phone to the tag to activate, using an antenna to read the transmission. Once activated, the tag will use e-paper technology to display guest information and a bar code. The traveler will then be able to drop off the bag at a self-drop off station. 

Alaska Airlines will be the first U.S. airline to use electronic bag tags, planning to slowly roll out the concept in phases. The airline has already tested the tags for durability with their employees, and later this year will start with travelers flying through San Jose International Airport. Alaska Airlines will provide 2,500 free tags to frequent fliers, but the company will have the electronic tags available for purchase to its loyalty program members in early 2023. 

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