Innovation & Sustainability Are Key To Future of Travel

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The U.S. Travel Association’s Future of Travel Mobility conference was held on September 20th in Washington D.C. at the Union Station. Leading members of the nation’s travel sector met to discuss the biggest issues travel mobility faces. A plethora of topics were discussed. The conference stressed the shift in consumer preferences towards sustainability and technological innovation. “Travelers increasingly want to do the right thing when it comes to sustainable and responsible travel,” said Sangeeta Naik, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing, American Express Travel.

Demand for leisure travel is remaining high. Business travel is still behind but is looking to speed up again. “The Future of Travel Mobility conference was a golden opportunity to advance the policies critical to a more sustainable, innovative future for travel mobility. By bringing together travel and government thought leaders, we can ensure alignment on key issues that will make travel more globally competitive and sustainable for decades to come,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO, Geoff Freeman.

(Travel Pulse, 09.23.22)

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