Trends Shaping Corporate Travel

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A new survey conducted among North American business travelers by Opinium and commissioned by World Travel Protection (WTP) reveals an increased enthusiasm for travel, alongside ongoing safety concerns. Additionally, the study highlights five trends that are influencing business travel this year.

  1. More business travelers are happy to be traveling again. With the pandemic seemingly in the rear-view mirror, more business travelers say they are happy to be traveling for work this year compared to last (44% vs. 33%). And, the number of trips taken in 2023 increased from those taken in 2022.
  2. Hybrid and remote work has reinforced the value of in-person meetings. The normalization of working remote appears to have increased the value being placed on face-to-face meetings and business travel. Survey respondents cited two main benefits of business travel—networking with new people (41%) and having the opportunity to bond with their team (38%).
  3. Safety is a concern amidst war and global upheaval. While business travelers are happy to be traveling, safety remains a concern in the face of increasing global conflict and instability. The vast majority of American business travelers indicated they would decline a trip if they didn’t feel their employer was prioritizing their safety and wellbeing.
  4. Budget cuts are also fueling safety concerns. Roughly 89% of business travelers have been impacted by budget cuts, with safety being a main concern for those having to make cuts due to budget restraints. Many indicated they were asked to fly at cheaper times and book accommodations in less expensive areas.
  5. Travelers want employees to do more to keep them safe. And despite the enthusiasm surrounding the return to travel, 61% of business travelers feel as though their employer could do more to keep them safe and 51% say that their well-being is not being taken seriously by their organization in regards to their travel.

(Travel Daily News, 04.16.24)

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