Travel Trends Defining 2024


With a new year comes new trends and predictions, especially for the travel industry, as consumer preferences and priorities are constantly evolving.

Here are some trends that experts believe will define travel this year:

  • Immersing in Culinary Travel. A growing number of travelers are seeking culinary and wine experiences that connect them to local culture and traditions of destinations in 2024. This includes participating in private hosted dinners and exploring open-air food markets.
  • Wellness Travel Prioritized. Surging in popularity on the heels of the pandemic, wellness travel is expected to continue to skyrocket this year. The industry will likely respond by focusing on and promoting experiences such as re-invented spa culture, outdoor experiences and farm-to-table eating.
  • Active Travel Shaping Choices. The ability to cycle, hike, take tours and interact with wildlife will continue to be in high demand in 2024.
  • More Shoulder Season Getaways. Spring and fall, typically seasons with fewer travelers, will continue to attract travelers especially with the increase in work from home culture.
  • Longer Itineraries. Another trend likely still influenced by the pandemic is the lengthening of travel trips, expected to continue gaining momentum in 2024.
  • Passion First, Destination Second. Travelers are going to be choosing destinations that best allow them to follow their passions this year.
  • Set-Jetting. Travelers are planning travel inspired by their favorite shows and movies now more than ever.
  • SlowLife Travel. Travelers want to “take it slow” and catch up on rest, by immersing themselves in destinations they visit rather than checking activities off of a busy itinerary.

Check out more 2024 travel trends here. (Travel Pulse, 12.27.23)

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