Post-Pandemic Travel Priorities for American Travelers


Travel has seen many trends start after the pandemic, but a new study conducted by the American Society of Travel Advisors shows that Americans have three main travel priorities.

The first main priority is experience and experiential travel offerings. Nearly half (46%) reported that they want more unique travel experiences out of their travel.

The second priority is improved customer service. Half (49%) reported that they want more support and patience. “We’ve noticed that travelers’ expectations seem to be higher than ever, especially regarding customer service – whether that is on the advisor side or once on the ground,” said Lindsey Epperly, CEO of Jetset World Travel.

The third priority is returning to a destination they have previously visited. Half of American travelers (48%) want to return on trips they have been on before. After the pandemic, many people are nervous about going new places again. If they have enjoyed a place before, there is more comfort going back. (Travel Pulse, 06.30.22)

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