PGAV Destinations’ Voice of the Visitor: Industry Performance

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PGAV Destinations’ publication, Industry Performance, summarizes research conducted with H2R Market Research that focused on revealing the food, beverage, and retail desires of attraction visitors.

Visitation Up Over Last Year. According to Voice of the Visitor 2023, visitation was up 28% in 2022 over 2021. However, this is 7% below pre-pandemic levels. Despite this, there is plenty of reason for optimism and opportunity.

Good News Surrounds the Industry. The Cruise Lines International Association reported record bookings last year, with demand and perception exceeding 2019 levels. Additionally, Universal reported that theme park attendance appears to be unaffected by nationwide economic uncertainty seen elsewhere. The hotel sector also reports good news, with a projected revenue per room in 2023 up 11.6% over pre-pandemic levels.

Where People Sought Connection Last Year. Most categories saw an uptick in visitation last year in comparison to 2021. Those topping the list were historic landmarks, national and state parks, zoo/animal attractions, and theme parks/amusement parks.

Unconverted Intent Remains High. The level of unconverted intent—measurement of consumer intent relative to actual incidence of visitation—remains high at 57%. Jerry Henry, CEO of H2R Market Research, explains further, “Consumer intent nearly always exceeds actual behavior.  It is only a matter of by how much intent exceeds incidence. Historically, attraction visitor intent has exceeded incidence of visitation by 51%. That is normal.”

Read the full article here.

Read PGAV’s VOV 2023 here.

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