PGAV Destinations’ Delicious Data: Seconds? Another Helping of Data

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PGAV Destinations’ publication, Delicious Data, summarizes research conducted with H2R Market Research that focused on revealing the food, beverage, and retail desires of attraction visitors.

  • Driving Factors. Families that visit attractions have a few driving factors regarding purchase decisions: a variety of menu options, seating options, ambiance, and kid menu choices.
  • Secondary Factors. Factors that satisfy everyone in the family are called secondary factors. So, what is going to satisfy the whole family that visits your attraction? While only 34% purchase alcohol, 41% think that the availability of alcohol is important. Around 39% of visitors believe the food should be made with sustainable ingredients. To help save time, 38% of families want the option to make a reservation. Additionally, 33% want mobile ordering to be an option.
  • Purchase Barriers. Visitors do not make food purchases at attractions because of unaffordability (46%), low quality (44%), dirty seating area (42%), lack of seating (40%), and not enough variety in the menu (39%). One in five attraction visitors indicated that someone in their household had dietary restrictions because a lack of options for visitors with restrictions shrinks the available market to purchase food by 20%.
  • Service and Portions. Visitors want their service to be quick (62%), but they also want unique food items they cannot get anywhere else. Visitors also prefer large portions to share (60%) rather than smaller portions.
  • Retail Driving Factors. Over 60% of visitors are searching for a souvenir when they walk into a retail store while visiting an attraction. Attraction visitors want to see affordable prices (77%), quality of product (74%), variety (67%), location at the attraction (61%), and availability of attraction brands (57%). So, are the items you are selling of quality, and does the price match the quality level? Do you provide variety for all ages? Are the locations of your stores convenient?

(PGAV Destinology, 10.26.22)


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