Immersive Trends for Attractions Industry in 2023

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Immersive experiences are gaining popularity in the attractions industry, as visitors want to play an active role when visiting attractions. Many attractions are enhancing their experiential technologies, allowing the audience to be completely involved.

One way this is happening is through “gamification.” Gamification is widely used in theme parks. Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan and Hollywood created a blend of real world and video games. Visitors have Power Up Bands that are linked to the Universal Studios app. The band can physically hit Question Blocks to collect coins to compete for scores. “You’re living the game, you’re living the adventure,” said Thierry Coup, senior VP and CCO of Universal Creative. Many other destinations are using these concepts to draw the customer in.

Another trend in attractions is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Swamp Motel is leading technology-driven immersive experiences. A new AI experience, Saint Jude allows audiences to communicate with brainwaves of coma patients. They also interact with AI powered characters and live performers. Similarly, the Dali Museum in Florida has a Dream Tapestry that lets visitors generate images based off their personal dreams through AI.

Time travel is also growing in popularity. Time travel is an immersive experience where guests become part of history. Guests become participants, having to make decisions for the plot. Soundscapes, digital art, VR and many more are trends that you can see emerging in 2023. Visitors want to be immersed, so attractions are answering.

Check out more immersive trends here. (blooloop., 03.31.23)

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