Dolly Offers Solution to Tourism’s Labor Crisis

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All sectors have faced employment issues since early 2020, but roughly 39% of total jobs lost in the pandemic were in the leisure and hospitality industry. Many are worried about hours, pay, and healthy environments that are straying them away from tourism. Dolly Parton has found a solution to attracting workers back to the tourism industry.

Many that have left companies, believe that their work would be valued and compensated better somewhere else. The Boston Consulting Group says that being compensated and valued depends on more than a paycheck. They said many labor challenges can be solved by creating more opportunities for workers to climb the corporate ladder. Dolly Parton decided to act regarding her employees. Last year, Dolly and parent company Herschend Family Entertainment announced that Dollywood would pay full tuition for its 11,000 seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees, regardless of major. Dollywood spokesman, Wes Ramey said “When our hosts feel appreciated and are given opportunities like this, they feel cared for, and they can pass that feeling on to their guests.”

(Skift, 02.09.23)

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