Disneyland Increases Annual Passholder Prices


Disneyland has increased its prices once again. The park’s top-tier annual pass increased $200, its second tier increased $150, and its bottom two tiers increased $50. However, these price increases are not without added benefits. All tiers will now receive 20% off the Disney Genie+ line skipping upgrade, and the top two tiers will also receive a free photo pass benefit.

Additionally, Disneyland has completely withdrawn its top-tier annual pass, replacing Dream Key with Inspire Key. Inspire Key will have the same benefits as the Dream Key, with the addition of the Genie+ and photo pass benefits. The Inspire Key will have holiday block out dates unlike the Dream Key that was unblocked.

While current annual passholders can renew to any tier as availability allows, Disneyland is only accepting renewals at this time.

(Theme Park Insider, 08.16.22)

History shows that when Disney World raises prices, industry prices tend to follow. If you’re a theme park or attraction thinking of following suit, contact us today about H2R’s Predictive Pricing Research to help you determine the right pricing structure to maximize revenue.

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