BeReal On the Rise


Have you downloaded the rising social app BeReal? The social app recently reached 10 million daily active users and continues to grow. BeReal sends out a prompt to all users at a random time each day, asking people to share a photo of what they are doing, right there and then, within a 2-minute time limit to post an update. The app is being touted as the anti-Instagram, focusing on the real, unedited everyday life, as opposed to the filtered, polished Instagram lifestyle scenes. The popularity of the app is showing that people are ready for a more ‘real life’ approach.

Are there brand and marketing opportunities in this up-and-coming social media platform? Some brands are experimenting with BeReal to determine the best way to utilize this trend. For example, Chipotle has been using the app to share exclusive promotional codes, something that could be a novelty value used to entice engagement. Other brands are using the app to provide behind-the-scenes content and insights into how they conduct business. There are no doubt creative considerations here, and at 10 million users and growing, brands are paying attention and considering how they might be able to lean into this steadily growing “real life” trend.

(SocialMediaToday, 08.24.22)

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