Teenagers And Social Media In 2022

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The landscape of social media is ever-changing, especially among teenagers. A study conducted by Pew Research Center that focused on American teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 found that more than half of this age group would deem it difficult to give up social media (54%), as nearly all have access to a smartphone (95%) or other device with social media access (90%). This is a 30% increase from the 73% of teenagers with access to a smartphone during a similar study conducted back in 2015. Additionally, nearly half of teenagers use the internet ‘almost constantly’ (46%), a notable increase from the 24% back in 2015.

Other notable findings from this recent study include the platforms that this age group is most heavily utilizing, including YouTube (95%), TikTok (67%), Instagram (+19% to 62%), Snapchat (+44% to 59%), Facebook (-55% to 32%) and Twitter (-30% to 23%).

For additional insights, read the full article here.

(Pew Research, 08.10.22)

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