4 Trends Brands Need to Watch For in 2022

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From economics and politics to consumer sentiment research challenges, here are four trends that brands should keep an eye on.

  • “Skimpflation” hazards. While many brands have reacted to inflation with higher prices, some have reduced services or quality to avoid raising prices (“skimpflation”). If this is part of your brand’s coping strategy, it needs to be done in a way that does not cheapen the customer’s experience.
  • Reevaluating priorities requires new insights. Many consumers are scrutinizing their choices more closely than they ever have before, asking themselves: “What do I really want?” This will continue into 2022, as people consider significant behavior changes and scrutinize their choices more closely.
  • Rising shopper promiscuity. Signs point to higher tendencies to leave brand loyalty behind this year.
  • It’s an election year. Midterm elections will take place this November, and electoral advertising directed at consumers will lead up to it. It will be critical to understand what your customer base is thinking about and what issues they are supporting so your messaging doesn’t misstep at a delicate political moment.

(Forbes, 12.13.21)

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