What Changing Demographics Mean For Your Brand

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As data from the 2020 U.S. Census starts to roll in, demographic changes are being noted, especially regarding ethnicity. These changes will impact many things in the country in the years ahead, including how brands operate.

Here’s how to start embracing changes in the population now.

  1. Double down on representation. As you work to build an inclusive brand that attracts diverse and underserved customers, you will need representation in both your marketing and among your internal teams.
  2. Identify how demographic changes impact the products, services and experiences your brand delivers. Your customers’ success is a major factor in their decision of whether or not to choose you or come back after an initial interaction. Be intentional about identifying how demographic differences your customers have, such as language, impact how you serve them to get optimal results for them.
  3. Make belonging a goal. When your customers feel like they belong with you, they will reward you with their attention, adoration, and loyalty. When they don’t feel like they belong, they will go off in search of another option that does make them feel that way. Creating an environment that makes all your customers feel seen, cared for, and ultimately like they belong is essential.

The idea isn’t to focus on the needs of one group at the expense of another. It’s to create a customer and employee experience where everyone benefits. Because the makeup of customers is changing, it is necessary for brands to evolve to stay relevant and best serve a wider consumer base. (Inc., 08.24.21)

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