‘Work from Anywhere’ the New ‘Work From Home’


Working from home (WFH) became the norm for many during the pandemic, but according to a new survey, this trend may soon become outdated as we transition to working from anywhere (WFA).

According to a Hostel World Survey, 86% of Gen Z and 80% of millennials say they are ready to change employment status for more flexible employers allowing them to work anywhere. If you do not need to be in the same office as your coworkers, why would you need to be in the same time zone? This could spark business travel like never before, creating more opportunities with travel agencies. 

“Younger people feel particularly disconnected and lonely after spending two years working from home,” said Hostelworld’s Jody Jordan. “They want to explore, connect, meet new people, and still do the work they love and advance in their career. 57% of our customers say they have worked whilst traveling, so it’s important that as employers we adapt to changing times to attract young talent.”

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