The Great “Customer Reset”

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COVID-19 has had major impacts on attractions across the country. After spending more time at home, consumers are coming out of the pandemic with higher expectations and are generally harder to please. Attractions are also drawing a different mix of guests than they may have seen before.

This “customer reset” is a phenomena H2R has seen across attractions nationwide. For the past several months, H2R has consistently seen a decline in satisfaction among attraction guests.

“The pandemic changed consumers in many ways. Not only did it give them time to rethink what they wanted and needed from their jobs, but it also changed what they want and expect from the goods and services they purchase,” explained Jerry Henry, CEO of H2R Market Research.

While there are certainly multiple issues at work, the bottom line is that attractions and others in the leisure industry are going to have to work harder to please customers post-pandemic.

“Businesses that continue waiting and hoping for a return to normal are likely to be bypassed by competitors who are adapting to the new consumer marketplace,” continued Henry. “The key to success in the post-pandemic world will be understanding new consumer expectations that analytics based upon pre-pandemic behavior may not be able to accurately identify.”

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