Give Experiences Over Physical Gifts This Year

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If you’re looking to give gifts that your loved ones will cherish this holiday season, research shows that you should opt for gifting an experience rather than a physical gift. According to new data from GetYourGuide, 92% of Americans would prefer to be gifted experiences this year, up significantly from the 77% that indicated the same thing in 2022 and the 62% in 2021. Specifically, Americans want to be gifted travel or a trip (51%), tickets to a concert or show (40%), an outdoor activity such as hiking or skiing (30%) or a museum visit (27%).

Data shows that Americans are most concerned about price this holiday season (56%); however, this declined from last year. Other concerns include shipping delays (37%), out of stock items (32%) and return policies (24%). These concerns are even more of a push to gift experiences to loved ones this season.

(Travel Pulse, 10.20.23)

The gift of experience will likely overtake the physical gift this year. Are you prepared for the influx of holiday travelers that will occur as a result of this trend? H2R can help. Contact us today!

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