Disney Becomes Even More Touchless With MagicMobile


Disney has been a leader of innovation in theme parks for quite some time, with their MagicBand technology inspiring many other attractions to adopt their own version. The company recently made an announcement of how they plan to adapt their valuable MagicBand technology, making it even easier and more touchless for guess.

While the colorful wristband that could allow guests to access their hotel room and the park and serve as a fastpass or a form of payment could double as a souvenir, Disney is creating another option for those who are not keen on the wristband concept.

Disney is working to incorporate that same technology into their new mobile app—MagicMobile. When the app launches later this year, guests will be able to create a Disney MobileMagic pass via the app and add it to their smart device’s digital wallet. Then all guests have to do is hold their smart device up to the access point, just like they would have done with their MagicBand, to trigger the action that they want to take. While the MagicBand will still be available as an option, MagicMobile gives park guests an opportunity to experience the park in an even more touchless way. (The Disney Blog, 03.11.21)

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