Another Disney World Cost Increase – When Will Enough Be Enough?


The cost of a Disney World vacation has been steadily increasing over the past couple of decades. In 1982, a one-day admission pass to Magic Kingdom cost $15, and today, this same pass ranges from $144 to $189 depending on the Tier. When looking at the increases over the years, one could expect ticket prices to range anywhere from $242 and $269 for those max level tiers by 2030.

Not only have ticket prices been increasing, but Disney has found other revenue streams by replacing its free FastPass program with the extra-cost Disney Genie+ ride reservation system and introducing the Individual Lightning Lane pass system for upwards of $25 per guest for select attractions. (The Week, 10.09.21)

History shows that when Disney World raises prices, industry prices tend to follow. If you’re a theme park or attraction thinking of following suit, contact us today about H2R’s Predictive Pricing Research to help you determine the right pricing structure to maximize revenue.

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