Americans Are Beginning to Come Out of Their Shells


Numerous polls have been conducted throughout the past year to measure varying consumer sentiment, but recent stats reveal that Americans are ready to return to their pre-pandemic pastimes. A recent poll conducted by Axios/Ipsos found that more than half of Americans reported seeing family or friends in late April (55%), while 45% reported going out to eat and 37% said that they visited a park, beach or other outdoor space—all pandemic-era highs.

Additionally, a poll conducted by Forbes-Ipsos revealed that 56% of Americans are eager to reopen the economy despite the fact that COVID-19 is not fully contained.

With Americans so eager to return to normal, and with so many new jobs being added to the economy, the U.S. is likely to notice a large spending boom this year. (U.S. News, 04.20.21)

While the pandemic has had devastating effects on consumer sentiment and the economy, Americans are more than ready to resume their pre-pandemic pastimes and spending habits. Are you ready for this shift in visitation and demand? Let H2R help. Schedule a free consultation today.

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