What To Do Instead of Social Media Marketing


Experts are advising marketing teams to stop pouring their money into social media advertising, as it is far less effective than it once was. The cost to acquire new customers on social media has risen dramatically, with the cost per thousand impressions up 41% last year. New privacy laws also went into effect around this time, meaning that it’s more challenging than ever to zero in on specific consumers. And in case those weren’t reason enough, customers acquired through social media typically aren’t brand loyal.

Here are some marketing strategies you could use instead of social media.

  1. Lean in to email and direct mail. Both options are cost-effective and can result in easy loyalty if done right. Direct mail adds a personal touch in an increasingly digital world, while email can be interactive and help brands gather insights on customer preferences and behaviors.
  2. Introduce a new product. A new and innovative product, or one that’s limited edition can attract audience your business might not have otherwise had access to—all without spending money on ads.
  3. Strike a strategic partnership. The right partnerships can organically grow all parties’ audiences without significant spending on advertising, and they can underscore your brand values in a way that you can’t do alone.

(Inc., 04.29.22)

Does this article inspire you to expand in other forms of advertising and stop spending so much in social media platforms? Contact us today about an Advertising Effectiveness Study to ensure your ads cut through the clutter and inspire incremental visitation or purchases.

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