U.S. Economy Adds 916,000 Jobs in March Alone


The U.S. economy’s recovery from the pandemic strengthened in March as employers added 916,000 jobs—the biggest gain since August, according to the Labor Department. The huge jump in jobs was up from the 468,000 increase in jobs reported for February, which itself was revised by nearly +100,000 jobs from its initial reading.

Some of the sectors scoring big improvements were among those hurt the worst by the shutdowns associated with the pandemic:

  • Restaurants and bars—176,000
  • Education—126,000
  • Hotels and other accommodations—40,000
  • Category including performing arts, spectator sports and amusement parks—64,000

Other big gains came in sectors that have done well over the last year, despite the recession:

    • Construction—110,000
    • Delivery services—17,000

But while the unemployment rate is the lowest that it has been during the pandemic (6.0%), 5.8 million employed individuals are working part-time jobs when they would rather be working full-time. Read more.

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