Trends Likely to Shake Up Attraction Industry in 2022

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For the attraction industry, there is always a race to anticipate the next big trend and cater to customers, as guests are constantly seeking the best experience and added value from the attractions they choose to visit.

Leading players in the visitor attractions industry are set to witness a number of trends in 2022.

  • Health and hygiene are here to stay. Attractions will continue to place a greater focus on promoting and increasing transparency around their health and safety measures to attract and retain visitors.
  • Demand for family-friendly leisure experiences will grow. Research shows that leisure travelers are more drawn to activities and attractions that they can enjoy and share with the entire family.
  • Domestic travel. While international travel is slowly resuming, domestic tourism will continue to be a focus in 2022, and the drive to enjoy local attractions will remain strong.
  • Cashless, safe and hassle-free payments. Although not new, cashless payments now stand as a safe and swift substitute for physical cash exchange. Experts say that these payments will be the most preferred option moving forward.

(Blooloop, 12.07.21)

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