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Americans are busy traveling this year. Research from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) reveals that 47% of survey respondents ranked a vacation as their biggest spending this year. Home improvement (23%) and a new computer (10%) followed in second and third, respectively. Six in ten respondents have travel plans before the end of the year. Since late 2022, the number of Americans who intend to spend on travel has increased 17 percent. Around six in ten respondents have set travel plans for the remainder of the year.

Business travel is slowly making a comeback. The number of business trips is up 54% in the past six months compared to the 14% increase in leisure travel.

Respondents think planning a trip is more complex (68%). Consequently, over half of respondents are more likely to use a travel advisor than they were in the past. Cruises are on people’s radar. Americans’ likelihood to travel via cruise is up 40% over last year. International travel is also trending, 30% of Americans have international travel plans for 2023. Next year is even more promising for international travel. Four in ten Americans intend to engage in international travel next year.

ASTA president and CEO, Zane Kerby says “Our research clearly shows that Americans are increasingly excited to travel and are turning to travel advisors to ensure they are getting the experiences they deserve.”

(Travel Pulse, 04.13.23)

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