Travelers Are All About Inclusivity


Research shows that travelers are paying close attention to how travel brands are demonstrating inclusivity. According to Expedia Group Media Solutions’ Inclusive Travel Insights Report, seven in ten consumers are willing to pay more for a destination, lodging, or transportation option that is more inclusive to all types of travelers. Additionally, nearly eight in ten indicated that they have already made travel decisions based on promotions or ads that made them feel represented. And while nearly all consumers surveyed (92%) find it important for travel providers to meet the accessibility needs of all travelers, only 54% claim that they see options that are accessible to all abilities.

For travel providers, being inclusive in marketing can include assembling diverse imagery around race, genders, ages, party composition, abilities, and activities. Language should aim to be inclusive, welcoming, respectful, and should highlight amenities and accessibility features for travelers of all backgrounds. “Our findings show that consumers today are paying close attention to whether travel brands are authentically demonstrating a commitment to inclusion, diversity and accessibility,” says Jenn McCarthy, Senior director of brand marketing at Expedia Group Solutions. “A better understanding of how people perceive, and value inclusive travel will help foster more inclusive and diverse travel experiences for all.”

(PhocusWire, 07.25.22)

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