Surging Covid-19 Cases Slams Brakes on Travel Recovery

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Earlier this year, the travel industry was making a remarkable recovery, with many aspects of travel nearing 2019 levels. However, according to Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, travel recovery is slowing drastically as Covid-19 cases begin to surge.

The greatest evidence of this is in flight bookings. In June, U.S. domestic flight booking drove $6 billion in online spending, just 5% below 2019 levels. However, the surge in new Covid-19 cases caused by the delta variant slammed the brakes on travel recovery. The data from Adobe showed $5.3 billion spent in domestic flights in July, a 13% drop from June and 16% drop from 2019. This trend continued into August, where $2.9 billion was spent on domestic flights, 33% lower than 2019.

The delta variant is denting the progress the travel industry has made so far this year, and polling suggests more than half of Americans will continue postponing or canceling trips to areas experiencing major outbreaks for the time being.

Read Adobe’s full report here. (Forbes, 08.30.21)

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