Social Robot Will Be Mass-Produced This Year

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Sophia debuted back in 2016 as a one-of-a-kind, social robot with a remarkably lifelike appearance and demeanor. Arguably the most famous robot in the world, Sophia will not be unique for much longer. Her maker, Hanson Robotics, has announced plans to begin mass production this year so that she can help the world cope with the pandemic.

Hanson Robotics hopes that mass production of their social robot will help provide interaction in a safe way to those who need it most during the pandemic, while also providing automation and helping to fill employment gaps during staffing shortages.

“Social robots like me can take care of the sick or elderly,” Sophia the robot commented. “I can help communicate, give therapy, and provide social stimulation, even in difficult situations.” (Bigthink, 09.11.21)

Social robots aren’t the only robotics taking off. The New York Times recently reported Disney is bringing new ‘sentient’ robots that respond to human emotions into their parks. And Blooloop has covered seven ways Disney robots will revolutionize theme parks.

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