Research Shows Consumers Value Media More Than Marketers Do


According to a new study conducted by customer data platform BlueVenn, consumers place more value on the most commonly used traditional and digital media than marketers do. The study surveyed separate panels of brand marketers and consumers simultaneously, finding that consumers put a much greater stock in all media—especially email, Facebook, in-store, mobile apps, TV, phones, newspapers, SMS, radio and TikTok, than marketers do in terms of how effective they are in engaging consumers with brands. The only media where consumers and marketers nearly align are YouTube and LinkedIn, and the only media where marketers actually place greater value than consumers is direct mail.

“The discord between consumers and marketers has left businesses struggling to adapt,” Upland BlueVenn Vice President-Marketing Anthony Botibl says. “Many have resorted to simply doing more of the same; sending more emails, displaying more ads, running more discounts. And yet, consumer expectations are high, and many brands are missing out on sales by delivering experiences that consumers either don’t want or don’t see.” Not surprisingly, this notable disconnect has nearly one-third of consumers feeling as though brands don’t understand their needs. (Media Daily News, 05.07.21)

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