Marketers’ Top Plans For A Post-Cookie World

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A recent survey by The Harris Poll found that the expected eventual elimination of third-party cookies will disrupt marketers’ strategies within the customer experience landscape—but they have a plan.

Here are the top five ideas for navigating in the cookieless world.

  1. Offering incentive for consumers to opt-in to tracking (57%).
  2. Invest more in first-party data (53%).
  3. Pursue alternative IDs that can be followed and monitored (51%).
  4. Shift ad spend to more effective targeting (47%).
  5. Partner with other companies to fill in the gaps (45%).

The survey also found a continuing gap in perceptions and expectations between consumers and marketers, with lack of consistency and lack of personalization being the larger issues. However, the above ideas will not only aim to replace cookies but narrow that gap in perceptions and expectation between those two groups. (Destination CRM, 10.25.2021)

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