Live Event Attendance Begins Its Rebound

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According to a recent poll conducted by, people are slowly starting to go “live” again—seeing friends and family and attending live events. More than half of respondents (51%) have already attended public events so far this year, and 61% plan to do before the year is up. Movie theaters had the biggest number of attendees (24% already, 34% planning), followed by amusement parks, zoos, and aquariums (23% already, 26% planning). Festivals, concerts, and other sporting events had much lower attendance and future intentions.

Here are some of the poll’s other key findings:

  • COVID-19 is the main deterrent for attending live events.
  • Vaccinated respondents were more deterred by COVID-19 than unvaccinated.
  • Younger respondents are less deterred—Gen Zers are the most willing to attend live events (61%), followed by Millennials (52%), Gen Xers (36%), and Boomers (31%).

(Bankrate, 10.25.21)

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