Ready. Set. Georgia. Campaign Boosts Tourism

brad-huchteman-sR1Kz2auNJE-unsplash (1)

Georgia has emerged as one of the top domestic destinations with the help of a new multi-million dollar recovery marketing and advertising campaign. Atlanta’s Blue Sky Agency created and launched “Ready. Set. Georgia.” earlier this year, and the campaign has delivered in a big way.

Within the first three months since its launch, the campaign spurred 25,000+ visitors and arrivals to the state, boosting its nationwide ranking in overnight visitation to #5. Other achievements include a 35% visitor engagement rate (+15%  industry benchmarks), a 2,000+ percent increase in social engagements and over 3.2 million website sessions (+620%).

“Consumer need was the primary driver for everything when we were building our campaign message,” EVP Annette Sally says. “Our planning for this campaign started long before we were running it. We tracked consumer sentiment steadily throughout the year so we knew when, where, and how to appeal to them. Our primary goal was to be ready when consumers were and ‘ready’ was the keyword. Understanding that consumers were ready on all fronts was the creative inspiration for the campaign idea—when they were ready to plan, what kind of travel they wanted to experience, and when they wanted to get out there and go.”

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