Hopper Enables Hotel Price Freeze Feature


Hopper has enabled the ability for consumers to freeze the price for hotel bookings. The feature is meant to alleviate the uncertainty travelers may be feeling due to the pandemic but has also helped consumers save roughly $17 per night during its testing period. This offering is a follow-up on other similar offerings, such as flight freeze, flight delay protection and refundable bookings for air and hotels–offerings that account for nearly two-thirds of the company’s revenue and increase the average Hopper user’s spend by 15%.

“Hotels have traditionally been an afterthought, but lately hotels have not been an afterthought as people are actually taking road trips and they need hotel stays. And they are not sure what the right price point is for these hotels and when to book. So when they see a prediction and we tell them this is a good time to buy or freeze, they actually take that advice and they want to commit to the price,” head hotel fintech Anwesha Bhattacharjee says.

Learn more about Hopper’s hotel price freeze here.


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