In-Person Events Are Out, But Hybrid Is Around the Corner


Northstar Meetings Group recently conducted research to study the future of events. According to the study, more than half of the meeting planners surveyed identified hotel closures and staffing reductions as their top concern for the future of in-person or hybrid events (59%), followed by the impact of the pandemic on airline service, routes and pricing (55%) and budget constraints (53%). Additionally, one in four respondents indicated that all of their planning is for virtual-only events, while 47% of respondents indicated that more than half of their events will be virtual-only. However, nearly one-quarter of meeting planners are not confident that virtual-only events will meet the needs of their constituents, so hybrid events will become the way to go.

The comeback of in-person events is not expected until Q4 of 2021 or even as late as Q1 of 2022, but more than three-fourths of meeting planners stated that masks will be required at such events whenever they do come back. However, even after restrictions for in-person events are completely lifted, 29% of meeting planners indicated that they would plan fewer in-person events than they did before the pandemic, while only 13% indicated that they would plan more. (Business Travel News, 03.31.21)

In-person events may still be months if not a year away, but hybrid events are around the corner. Do you know what sets your destination apart from the competition? Contact us today about a Brand & Market Study to answer these questions and more. Schedule a free consultation today or contact us online here.

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