How Travelers Are Making Decisions The Second Half of 2021

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Expedia Group’s new Traveler Value Index report offers a first-time, multi-country and multi-industry look at what travelers now value most as they plan, book and experience travel. The insights show that price is no longer the top driver of bookings, but that travelers are focused on more safety and the financial security that comes with flexibility, entrusting travel providers to book and deliver on travel experiences. The report also reveals that travelers expect to spend the most money on travel this year, having larger budgets for it than in previous years. Additionally, there is a new emphasis on new, more indulgent and different kinds of experiences.

While there are shifts in values across regions and segments, the report shows that there is consistency in the expectation that travel providers stick to their promises. Travel brands that take the time to better understand the nuances of current traveler needs and follow through on their promises will earn a loyal new post-pandemic customer base.

Read the full Expedia Group Traveler Value Index report here. (Skift, 08.26.21)

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