How The Pandemic Changed Our Eating Habits


While delivery and to-go orders were the key to survival for restaurants during the pandemic, many are reaching a level of demand that they can’t keep up with. Not only are people consuming more takeout today than they were in 2019, but supply chain and staffing shortages are making it difficult for restaurants to meet even average levels of demand—let alone the levels currently experienced.

Many restaurants are being forced to cut operating hours, trim available dining areas or shut off digital ordering offerings just to meet demand with the staff that they have.

While all industries have struggled to staff their businesses this past year, no industry has quite struggled like the food services industry. Restaurants across the nation are looking to automation to be their saving grace, allowing more demand to be met with despite less than ideal staffing situations. (Insider, 12.04.21; AXIOS, 12.04.21)

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