Holiday Travel: Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

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According to MMGY Global’s 2021 “Fall Edition” of its Portrait of American Travelers survey, traveler sentiment is strong, and expectations for holiday travel are high. Vaccination status appears to have no impact on intent to travel, with 80% of active leisure travelers who are vaccinated planning to take a leisure trip during the next six months, compared to 81% of those who are not vaccinated. However, vaccination status does appear to have an impact on the types of trips planned.

Significantly more vaccinated travelers have plans to stay in a hotel or resort, travel by personal car, visit friends and family, take a domestic flight and to take an international trip over the next six months compared to those who are not vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are more likely to travel for the purpose of attending a conference or convention in comparison to those who are vaccinated. (Travel Daily News, 09.15.21)

Vaccination status isn’t impacting travel intentions, but it is impacting travel habits. Interested in how this might impact your destination this holiday season? H2R can help. Schedule a free consultation today or send us an email at

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