Four Things That Will Never be the Same Post-Pandemic


IBM’s Institute for Business Value recently polled more than 15,000 adults worldwide to gather opinions on everything from the workplace of the future, social trends, shopping and travel in a post-vaccine world. The report, An Injection of Hope: Life After the COVID-19 Vaccine, reveals that the world will be in a new normal, never the same as it was pre-pandemic. Here are four key findings:

1.       Workplace of the future. Despite initial unrest in switching to remote working, 62% of people do not want to change their current arrangement, even after being vaccinated. Remote work or hybrid situations will live on in many offices post-pandemic.

2.       Social trends. Age will predict how much one socializes, as attitudes towards the post-vaccine world vary widely across generations. Gen Z may have a cemented preference for digital experiences that will outlast the pandemic, with only 60% planning to visit large-crowd social venues. In comparison, 71% of millennials and 69% of Gen X are looking forward to these activities.

3.       Shopping. While retail will get a boost from the vaccine, one in five respondents indicated that they plan to continue online shopping even after immunization, and 14% (primarily in the U.S., UK and Germany) said that nothing could lure them back to brick-and-mortar stores.

4.       Travel. While the travel industry is making a much-needed comeback, personal automobiles will continue to be the transportation of choice, with 43% indicating they will use their personal vehicles even more after being vaccinated.

Check out the full report here. (TechRepublic, 04.07.21)

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