Food Trends Expected to Take Off in 2022

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The pandemic brought about many unique food trends and changes to our eating habits that no one saw coming. Here are a few of the top trends that we can expect to see in 2022.

  • Smaller menus. Due to supply chain issues, many restaurants have cut down their menus. This trend is likely to stick around—fewer choices, better food.
  • More robot servers. This past year welcomed robot automation to many industries, and the restaurant industry is expected to follow suit.
  • Ghost kitchens. Kitchens set up for delivery only are expanding. Wendy’s is opening 700 more of these kitchens over the next five years, and websites have been created to help you find ghost kitchens in your area.
  • Bottled cocktails. The pandemic forced people to enjoy their happy hours from home, but they no longer want to do the work themselves. People want a cocktail that’s already made, tastes good and can be easily brought to a friend’s house.
  • A doggy welcome. After two years of constant contact, dogs are trailing their owners everywhere they go—restaurants included. Many restaurants have responded to this trend by allowing dogs to accompany their owners, especially at outdoor dining spots.

(Delish, 12.07.21)

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