Paper Cards, Honor System Won’t Work Much Longer


“No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine – no service.” Many travel and tourism related businesses want to enforce this saying, but the “how” is still up in the air.

Proof of a vaccine is currently in the form of a paper card, which can be easily faked and is difficult to store and preserve. And since there is no federal vaccination database, the logistics of verifying a person’s vaccination status are currently a challenge. Additionally, many businesses are refusing to act as “vaccine bouncers,” so an honor system is in place, simply trusting individuals to be honest about their vaccination status. And while an app-based passport seems ideal, it is seen as a slippery slope, a potential invasion of privacy or even segregation.

While we have no answers on how vaccination status will be verified in the future, we can certainly say that paper cards won’t cut it for much longer. Read more.

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