How Hospitality Industry is Luring Workers


First-time unemployment claims recently dropped to 406,000 – the lowest level since the pandemic began but much higher than pre-pandemic levels. And yet, a lot of employers say that they are still having a hard time hiring. Those complaints are especially prominent in the hospitality industry, and business owners are going to great lengths to woo potential workers. While employers are giving signing bonuses and higher wages to new hires, many are finding that they need to invest in technological solutions to reduce the need for people.

Jennifer Tierney of Tierney Recruiting Services says that right now, she is hearing about another concern aside from money. “When I’m interviewing somebody, they’re asking me, ‘What does work-life balance look like?’ They’re tired of not having a life, I guess,” she said. Tired of six-day weeks, 12-hour shifts, unpredictable schedules and the culture. She thinks that means the hospitality industry is in for a change. Read more.


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