How Gas Shortages & Prices Are Impacting Summer Travel


Prior to Memorial Day, gas shortages and 7-year high prices were thought to be a reaction to travel surges, not a trend that would consume the summer. However, we are post-Independence Day, and this trend appears to be sticking. According to GasBuddy’s annual summer travel survey, 46% of summer travelers indicated that high gas prices were impacting their travel plans, but not enough to just stay home. Budgets are being tweaked and behavior altered to offset these gas-related hurdles, but Americans won’t let this challenge cancel their summer trips.

And, rising gas prices aren’t all bad. The Detroit Free Press recently pointed out that much of the increase comes from booming economic activity. People are driving to work again, heading into the city for a show again, and yes, packing up the SUV and hitting the road again, expensive gas or no expensive gas. All of this activity leads to increased demand and rising prices.

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