COVID-19 Public Emergency is Extended by US Officials

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The public health emergency has been extended another three months to October 13th by the Biden Administration. “Without the Public Health Emergency in place, we would be limited in our ability to provide broad and equitable access to lifesaving treatments through our Test to Treat initiative, for example, which relies on flexibility for telehealth and operations. Not renewing the PHE would leave us with fewer tools to respond and mean more Americans would get severely ill and end up in the hospital,” a Biden administration official said. The extension is more of a tool than an alert. 

Travel officials do not think the extension will impact travel plans for 2022. Travel officials say that people are more worried about inflation and prices in terms of travel than COVID-19. “I doubt half the people even know about the extension of the public health emergency,” said Tyson Wharton, of Sioux Travel Empire. COVID-19 is not the biggest concern anymore, but it is still on a list of worries when it comes to traveling.  Although the extension does not have a massive impact on travel, it is still part of the decision making in travel plans.

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