A Shift in Travel Preferences Has Been Triggered

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Expedia Group released their Traveler Value Index this summer, and their report is full of insights into what today’s travelers value the most. Overall, the report reveals that the pandemic has triggered a shift in viewpoints, priorities and preferences when it comes to travel.

Here are some of the report’s top insights:

  • More than one in three people would trade a pay raise for more vacation days.
  • Nearly one in five travelers expect travel to be the thing they spend the most money on this year.
  • Roughly three-quarters of travelers are comfortable with the concept of a vaccine passport.
  • Travelers want a more meaningful travel experience, with travelers valuing new experiences (56%), physical and mental wellness (48%), learning about other cultures and communities (51%) and becoming a more well-rounded person (33%).
  • Travelers will look to get away with more frequent, shorter trips moving forward.

Expedia Group’s research also found that the number one value to travelers since the pandemic began is the ability to get a refund if plans change. While travel will be a must moving forward, flexibility is also a must.

Read the full report to gain many more insights here. (Expedia Group, 7.21)

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