$2 Billion American Park & Resort Coming to Route 66

route 66

American Heartland Theme Park and Resort is coming to Route 66 just west of Grand Lake in Oklahoma. This $2 billion “Americana-themed” park and resort is going to open in phases beginning as early as 2025, with the project to be completed by the close of 2026.

A large-scale RV park with cabins will be the first phase of the project, followed by the theme park and resort. The 1,000-acre entertainment development will feature a 125-acre theme park, where guests can enjoy an Americana-themed environment offering rides, live shows, family attractions, waterways, bars, and restaurants. Additionally, the 320-acre Three Ponies RV Park and Campground will be the largest in the central U.S., with 750 RV spaces and 300 cabins in addition to amenities.

“We are thrilled to make Oklahoma the home of American Heartland Theme Park and Resort,” American Heartland CEO Larry Wilhite said in a statement. “Located on historic Route 66 just west of Grand Lake, the development will attract visitors from around the world to experience and celebrate the rich cultures and hometown values America has to offer.”

(Travel Pulse, 07.20.23)

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